Renew your tea or coffee pot

Tea/Coffee pots
Photo by green ant / Unsplash

You want to be able to enjoy your tea or coffee without having to worry about the stains on the inside of the pot and always have a fresh cup of tea or coffee ready whenever you need one.

Read on for the reveal of a very simple method that you can use to clean your teapot or coffee pot. This method will enable you to remove stains from the inside of your teapot without hassel.

  • You do not need to buy harmful detergents.
  • No need to get scrubbers or special sponges that will fit through narrow openings.
  • Cost efficient and environmentally friendly.

You will be amazed by how easy it is to clean your teapot or coffee pot with this method.

All you need is a lemon... Yes.. just a lemon.

You take a few slices of lemon and put it in the pot with the water and you let it boil for 5-7 minutes. Leave the slices of lemon in there for maybe another 5 minutes and watch the magic. All the brown unsightly stains GONE... just like that!

Watch it being done for limescale too👇.

Ready for a perfect maker to brew your fresh coffee or tea?