The 5 Best Commercial Food Processors for Your Commercial Kitchen Tasks!

Best Commercial Food Processor

If you manage a commercial kitchen, then you know how important it is to have the right tools for the job. A commercial food processor can be a great addition to your kitchen, helping you with tasks like chopping vegetables, pureeing soups, and making sauces and dressings.

But with so many different models on the market, it can be tough to choose the right one for your needs. To help you out, we've compiled a list of the 5 best commercial food processors available today.

With any of these machines in your kitchen, you'll be able to tackle just about any task that comes your way.

How we choose the best commercial food processors?

Commercial food processors are the integral part for any restaurant or professional kitchen. Without one, you'll really be lagging behind! But how to choose the perfect one?

Well, when buying a commercial food processor, there are quite a few factors to consider like power, size, attachments and cost. So, let's learn in depth how these individual factors affect your choice!


One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a commercial food processor is power. You'll want to look for a model that has enough horsepower (around 900-1000 watts) to handle whatever tasks you need it to perform.

If you're only going to be using it for occasional light duty tasks like chopping vegetables or making pesto sauce, then a lower-powered model (around 600-700 watts) should suffice.

However, if you plan on using it for heavier duties like grinding meat or blending soups/sauces in large batches, then you'll need something with more oomph under the hood.


Size is the second most crucial factor to consider! How much space do you have in your kitchen? Do you need a large-capacity model or will a smaller one suffice? Other things to keep in mind include how often you'll use the machine and what types of foods you'll be processing.

If space is limited, then obviously a larger model won't be an option. In this case, look for compact food processors that still offer plenty of power and features like multiple speed settings and attachments for various tasks such as shredding or slicing fruits and vegetables.

These smaller units are also less expensive than their full-size counterparts, making them ideal for budget-conscious buyers.


Attachments are the third most important factor to consider while purchasing a commercial food processor. There are many different types of attachments available, and each has its own purpose. The type of attachment you need will depend on what type of foods you plan to process.

For example, if you plan to mainly use your food processor for chopping vegetables, then you'll want an attachment that can handle that task easily. Some common vegetable-chopping attachments include: shredding discs, julienne slicers, and dicing kits. On the other hand, if you plan to use your machine for more delicate tasks like making purees or emulsions, then you'll need a different set of attachments altogether.

In this case, look for things like: grating discs, blending blades, and mashing paddles. The bottom line is this: take some time to think about what kinds of foods you'll be processing before settling on a particular model or brand of commercial food processor. Otherwise, you might end up with a machine that isn't well-suited for your needs—and that would be quite frustrating!


When it comes to purchasing a commercial food processor, cost is undoubtedly the most important factor to consider. After all, these machines are not cheap and you want to be sure that you are getting your money’s worth. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when considering the cost of a commercial food processor.

First, think about what features you absolutely need and which ones would be nice to have but aren’t essential. This will help narrow down your options and make it easier to compare prices. Second, don’t forget about ongoing costs such as maintenance and replacement parts – these can add up over time so it’s important to factor them into your decision-making process.

Finally, remember that cheaper isn’t always better – sometimes it pays off in the long run to invest in a higher quality machine even if it means spending more upfront.

Waring Commercial WFP11S
Waring Commercial WFP11S

Best Overall

Waring Commercial WFP11S

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Quick Specifications

It features a one-horsepower engine

Comes with a LiquiLock seal to prevent spills

Has a 5-year motor and 2-year component warranty

Why we love it?

The Waring Commercial WFP11S is a powerful food processor that is perfect for commercial kitchens. It comes with a one-horsepower engine and a 2.5 quart bowl that is made of transparent and shatterproof plastic.

The LiquiLock seal keeps liquid ingredients inside and eliminates spills, making this food processor the perfect choice for busy chefs who need to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

What should you know?

The Waring Commercial WFP11S is a powerful food processor that can handle all of your slicing, chopping, and pureeing needs. The wide feed tube makes prep easy and fast, while the durable blades make short work of even the toughest ingredients.

This machine comes with a 5-year motor warranty and a 2-year component warranty, so you can be sure it will stand up to heavy use. It's also extremely easy to clean, making it an ideal choice for busy commercial kitchens.

Robot Coupe R101B CLR
Robot Coupe R101B CLR

Best For Basic Tasks

Robot Coupe R101B CLR

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Quick Specifications

Extremely space efficient

Comes with a honing stone and scraper

Features a decent sized 2.5-quart bowl

Why we love it?

The Robot Coupe R101B CLR is a top-notch food processor that is also space efficient. It comes with an S blade for mixing, emulsifying and coarse cutting as well as a honing stone and scraper to keep the S blade sharp.

This commercial food processor has a fan-cooled motor which helps in top-notch performance even during continuous use. The motor is around 0.75 horsepower and the machine also has a pulse setting for easy slicing of fruits and cheese.

What should you know?

The Robot Coupe R101B CLR Commercial Food Processor is perfect for those who want an easy to use and reliable product. The 2.5 quart transparent bowl is perfect for seeing your food as you process it, and the handle is simple to grasp so you can easily control the machine.

This commercial food processor from Robot Coupe is extremely durable and reliable as per customers, meaning it can easily last even decades of use!

Robot Coupe CL50
Robot Coupe CL50

Best Continuous Feed

Robot Coupe CL50

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Quick Specifications

Comes with a massive 1.5 horsepower motor

Can process up to 1500 servings in just hours

Has a sturdy stainless steel build quality

Why we love it?

The Robot Coupe CL50 is one of the best continuous feed commercial food processors on the market. It has a 1.5 horsepower motor and can process up to 1500 servings in just hours, making it perfect for large events or catering businesses.

Its all metal design makes it more robust and reliable than other food processors on the market, and its 3mm slicer and 3mm grater make it perfect for grinding large quantities of food quickly and easily.

What should you know?

The Robot Coupe CL50 Commercial Food Processor is a great addition to any busy kitchen. It's easy to use and can handle even the most strenuous tasks with ease.

Customers who have used this food processor say that its build quality and working mechanics are absolutely second to none, making it a great choice for those who want the best possible performance from their kitchen appliances.

Braun FP3020
Braun FP3020

Best Quiet

Braun FP3020

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Quick Specifications

Includes up to 10 different attachments

Features a LiquiLock technology for spill proof operation

Is extremely quiet even under maximum load

Why we love it?

The Braun FP3020 Commercial Food Processor is a versatile and powerful kitchen appliance. It has a peak power output of 900 watts, making it ideal for processing large quantities of food quickly and easily.

The LiquiLock system ensures spill-proof operation, while the dishwasher-safe attachments make clean-up simple. With 10 different attachment sets included, this food processor can handle just about any task in the kitchen!

What should you know?

The Braun FP3020 Commercial Food Processor is an amazing machine that is extremely quiet even under full load.

It operates excellently even when compared to its costlier counterparts. Its incredibly versatile and an absolute workhorse. It also doesn't take up too much of space, making it perfect for any kitchen!

Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY
Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY

Best Budget

Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY

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Quick Specifications

Extremely versatile and durable

Super quiet operation

Comes with a powerful 720 watt motor

Why we love it?

Looking for a food processor that can keep up with your busy lifestyle? Look no further than the Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY Commercial Food Processor. This durable and easy-to-use food processor can handle anything you throw at it, thanks to its high torque and peak power of 720 watts.

Plus, it comes with a 14-cup work bowl, so you can easily process large quantities of food at once. Whether you're chopping, slicing, or shredding, the Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY Commercial Food Processor is more than up for the task.

What should you know?

The Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY Commercial Food Processor is the perfect kitchen gadget for those who love to cook. It has an extra large feed tube that can accommodate whole fruits and vegetables, making prep time a breeze.

The food pusher, shredding disc and 4mm sharp blades are all dishwasher safe, so cleanup is a snap. This powerful little machine is also extremely versatile - it can handle anything from chopping nuts to pureeing soup with ease.

Plus, the motor runs quietly and the base is very hardy, so it won't wobble or tip over when in use.

FAQs about the best commercial food processors

When it comes to commercial food processors, there are a lot of different factors that you need to consider. What is the best size for your needs? How much power do you need? What type of features do you need?

Here are some frequently asked questions about commercial food processors to help guide your decision making process!

What does a commercial food processor do?

A food processor is a kitchen appliance used to facilitate various repetitive tasks in the preparation of food. processors can perform many different functions, such as chopping and slicing vegetables, grinding meat, mixing ingredients, pureeing soups, emulsifying sauces, kneading doughs and shredding cheese.

Some processors have additional attachments that allow them to function as a juicer or pasta maker. Food processors are similar to blenders in many ways; however they usually have multiple discs or blades that make them more versatile than blenders.

Can you grind meat with a food processor?

A food processor can be a very versatile kitchen appliance, and one of the many things it can do is grind meat. 

Whether you want to make your own ground beef at home, or grind up some chicken or pork for another recipe, using a food processor is a quick and easy way to get the job done.

Can a food processor be used as a blender?

A food processor and a blender are two very different appliances. A food processor is designed to chop, slice, and shred ingredients, while a blender is primarily used for liquefying or pureeing foods. So can a food processor be used as a blender?

The short answer is yes, but there are some caveats. First of all, not all food processors have the same power as blenders. If you're using a lower-powered model, it may struggle to completely blend smoothies or other thick liquids. And even if your food processor has enough power, the blades aren't designed for blending, so you may not get as smooth of a result as you would with a dedicated blender.

That said, if you're in a pinch and need to blend something quickly, your food processor can probably handle the job. Just be aware that it might not give you quite the same results as using a proper blender.


So, if you are looking for a commercial food processor that can handle all of your professional needs, then any one of these 5 options would be a great choice.

All of them offer powerful motors and large capacities, making them perfect for businesses that need to process large amounts of food on a regular basis. With so many different features and functions available, you should have no trouble finding the perfect model for your specific needs!

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