Kitchen Essentials: The 5 Best Wooden Spatulas Out There!

Best Wooden Spatulas
Best Wooden Spatulas

When it comes to cooking equipment, only a few items are truly essential. A wooden spatula is undoubtedly one of them – its robust nature and shape give it exceptional longevity and make it the perfect tool for flipping crab cakes or rapidly stirring vegetables in a pan.

Moreover, having no metal components makes this utensil safe to use on any kind of cookware, from nonstick pans to traditional skillets.

With such an important object being so simple in design, every detail counts. Not just the type of wood and length of handle but also how the head is angled and shaped; you don’t want something clunky that could pose difficulties while cooking up your latest masterpiece!

That's why we’ve done some research and found the 5 best wooden spatulas available right now in the market – so you can rest assured that your kitchen has exactly what it needs to turn out restaurant-quality dishes with ease!

How we choose the best wooden spatulas?

Are you in the market for new wooden spatulas? Choosing the best one can be a daunting task, with so many options available.

Before you buy, it is important to consider several factors such as material quality, design and purpose.

This blog section will help you make an informed decision by highlighting all of these considerations when choosing the perfect wooden spatula for your kitchen needs.

Material Quality

The quality of the wood used to make wooden spatulas should be a major factor in your decision.

Choose a spatula made from high-quality hardwood, such as maple or cherry, which is known for its durability and resistance to heat.

Avoid buying cheaper options that are made with soft woods like pine or ash, as these will warp and break down faster over time.


Wooden spatulas come in many different shapes and sizes.

Consider the size of the handle compared to how much weight you intend on using it for; longer handles provide more leverage while shorter ones require less effort but may not be able to handle heavier tasks.

Additionally, check out the shape of the head; flat edged blades are perfect for flipping burgers while slotted designs allow fat and oil drip away easily when cooking greasy food items.


While some wooden spatulas can serve multiple purposes, others have a specific use in mind –such as stirring sauces or scraping down baking dishes– so keep this in mind when making your selection!

Be sure to think about what types of jobs you will be doing with them before buying one so that you get the best tool possible based on your needs.


The concept of simplicity can be a beautiful and perfect thing, especially when it comes to wooden spatulas. It's our belief that the best kind should possess only essential features; one-piece models with an uninterrupted head-to-handle transition are preferred.

We're not fans of unnecessary frills as they often impede the true purpose of a spatula-- to mix and stir ingredients without any fuss.

Uncomplicated designs make for easier hygiene since there is less risk of food getting stuck in nooks or crevices which could otherwise go unnoticed. A no-frills construction ultimately makes cleaning much more straightforward!

Riveira Wooden Spatula
Riveira Wooden Spatula

Best Overall

Riveira wooden spatula

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Quick Specifications

This set features contoured heads so you can perform precise functions.

Smooth, comfortable handles make using them easy.

Nonstick, durable bamboo resists moisture.

Why we love it?

When it comes to cooking, having the right tools makes all the difference. The Riveira Wooden Spatula is a practical and reliable bamboo utensil set that can help you with everything from cooking to serving.

This deluxe collection of wooden utensils is crafted from 100% organic nonstick bamboo, so you won't have to worry about scratching your pots or pans as you work. With this spatula set, food debris wipes off easily and there's no need to worry about odors or stains lingering on your kitchenware afterward.

The handles of these beautiful wooden utensils provide a comfortable grip while also being long enough for easy maneuvering over larger dishes and vessels. They also come in several different shapes and sizes so you can choose exactly what type of spatula will be most useful for whatever dish you're creating.

What should you know?

If you’re looking for a set of wooden kitchen tools that can handle any task, then the Riveira Wooden Spatula Set is perfect for you. The contoured heads make it easy to perform precise functions without worrying about slipping or losing your grip. Plus, their smooth and comfortable handles give you extra control when mixing ingredients or flipping omelettes.

In addition to its slotted, solid and turner wooden spatulas, this set also comes with a spoon fork that adds versatility when sipping, eating or serving food. And best of all? It’s made from natural bamboo which resists moisture so there won’t be any worries about mold accumulating on these tools. With the Riveira Kitchen Spatula Set in your hands, nothing will stand between you and a delicious home-cooked meal!

FAAY Wooden Spatula
FAAY Wooden Spatula

Best Versatile

FAAY wooden spatula

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Quick Specifications

It is 100% handmade by local artisans.

It is made of 100% golden brown teak. 

It is moist resistant, yet lightweight and handy.

Why we love it?

The FAAY wooden spatula is the perfect addition to any kitchen. It is made of 100% golden brown teak, making it both extremely durable and moisture resistant. Not only this, but its lightweight design makes it exceptionally handy for a variety of culinary tasks.

Speaking in terms of function, the size of its 2.5 inch wide blade is perfect for small and medium pans alike - allowing you to evenly spread BBQ sauce without leaving a mess behind or scrape up every last bit of fried eggs from your skillet with ease. The curve in the blade also ensures you won't have to adjust your angle too much when using it - allowing you access into all those tight corners or edges while still protecting your precious cookware at all times!

Its classic look and feel adds an extra layer charm that many chef's out there love - giving them another reason why they should choose this fantastic spatula over some other alternatives on the market right now!

What should you know?

The FAAY wooden spatula is one of the best kitchen accessories that you can ever have. It is made from a sustainable source of teakwood in Thailand, and each piece has been handmade by local artisans with full attention to detail. This makes it an ideal accessory for any kind of cuisine or texture.

The great thing about this product is that it’s dishwasher safe so you don’t need to worry about constantly washing it by hand. Just give it a quick rinse with warm water and soft sponge after every use, then pop them into your dishwasher at night before having breakfast the next day – easy!

You also don't need to worry about damaging your quality wooden utensil over time because these are designed specially for durability, so they will look as good as new even after years of continued use. The handle has been crafted to be ergonomic and comfortable for long-term use – no more strain on your wrists even when flipping food such as pancakes during cooking sessions!

OXO Wooden Spatula
OXO Wooden Spatula

Best Easy-to-hold

OXO wooden spatula

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Quick Specifications

It has a natural oil finish, hand wash only.

The large handle is comfortable to grip and has an opening for neat hanging storage.

It is is sturdy and safe for non-stick cookware.

Why we love it?

The OXO Wooden Spatula set is a great addition to any kitchen. This three-piece set includes the Wooden Turner, Slotted Turner and Sauté Paddle, all made from solid beech wood for long-lasting performance. The wooden design makes it safe to use on non -stick cookware, plus the handles provide a comfortable grip while cooking.

The turners are designed with flat heads that easily glide underneath delicate foods like eggs or pancakes – no need to worry about damaging your pans! The slotted spoon allows you to drain liquids off of food before serving, while the sauté paddle helps you stir everything evenly and quickly as needed. All three tools offer maximum control over your food so you can achieve perfect results every time!

What should you know?

OXO wooden spatulas are some of the best in the market! The natural oil finish on these spatulas gives them a sleek, smooth look that makes them stand out from other wooden utensils. Plus, they’re safe for use with non-stick cookware – no more scratching or damaging your pots and pans!

These versatile tools have a large handle that is both comfortable to grip and has an opening for neat hanging storage. This allows you to store them away when not in use without worrying about cluttering up counter space. And unlike metal or plastic utensils, their solid beechwood construction ensures a durable design that won't warp over time.

Plus, because this spoon is made of all-natural materials like wood, you can rest assured knowing it's easier to maintain than most synthetic kitchen items. Just be sure to hand wash it after each use so as not to damage its elegant surface or shorten its lifespan!

WoodenHouse Wooden Spatula
WoodenHouse Wooden Spatula

Best Small


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Quick Specifications

It has a thick and comfortable handle of about 0.6 inches thick.

It is 12 inches in length.

It is responsibly sourced from teak plantations.

Why we love it?

WoodenHouse Spatulas are the perfect companion for any cast iron cookware. Made from one piece of 100% Natural Teak wood, these spatulas not only look beautiful but also feel solid and sturdy when in use. In addition to their superior design and smooth finish, WoodenHouse Spatulas are responsibly sourced from teak plantations, making them an eco-friendly choice!

The attention to detail on each spatula is remarkable with traditional craftsmanship being at its heart. The use of a food grade non-toxic lacquer keeps it shiny as well as safe for you to use around food preparation and serving. And because they’re made of natural wood, no two spatulas will ever be exactly alike – your own personal work of art!

WoodenHouse Spatulas are heat resistant so you can go ahead without any worries while cooking up those delicious meals you love! They won’t scratch or damage your pans or pots either - which means they’ll last longer than other wooden utensils out there in the market.

What should you know?

WoodenHouse Spatula is an ideal utensil to have in your kitchen. Made from high-quality and durable wood, it ensures long-term use. It measures 12 inches long, making it the perfect size to reach into any corner of a cast iron pan or skillet.

You can use this versatile spatula for a variety of tasks such as scraping on cast iron surfaces like griddles, chopping your meat and crushing garlic cloves with ease. The 0.03 inch sharp front edge makes flipping eggs, pancakes and omelettes much easier than ever before while the 0.6 inch thick handle offers extra comfort while using the spade even when things are really hot! This wooden spatula will make all your cooking tasks hassle free and enjoyable with its superior grip and ultra-smooth surface finish which also helps resist heat transfer from cookware to your hand effectively!

This WoodenHouse Spatula has been designed specifically keeping convenience in mind – no more struggling with unwieldy tools that become unmanageable due to the sheer weight of them!

MoonWood Wooden Spatula
MoonWood Wooden Spatula

Best Premium

Moonwood Wooden spatula

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Quick Specifications

It has an ergonomic round handle with thumb rest for greater comfort.

It has beautiful grain pattern.

It is ideal for scraping, stirring, tasting and elegant enough for serving.

Why we love it?

Are you looking for a unique kitchen tool that will add style to your culinary journey? Moonwood Wooden spatula is the perfect choice. The Pack of two Wood Angled Turner Spatulas are handmade items that give it an edge over other utensils. Crafted with care and attention, these tools are made of Acacia tree, which adds durability to the product alongside being light and sturdy at the same time.

The comfortable handle along with an easy grip allows you to maneuver around your cooking effortlessly. As this wooden spatula can withstand high temperatures, they make excellent options while frying or sautéing on high heat.

With its elongated design coupled with angled edges, these aids make flipping food simpler than ever before as it helps scoop up any stray pieces for greater efficiency in cooking.

What should you know?

The Moonwood Wooden Spatula is a must-have for any kitchen! These 12 inch wooden cooking spoons are specially designed with an ergonomic round handle and thumb rest for maximum comfort while stirring, scraping, tasting or serving. The handle also features a beautiful grain pattern that adds to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

These wooden spatulas are made from safe, non-toxic materials so you can use them without worry when preparing meals. They are lightweight yet durable enough to stand up to specific cooking tasks in the hot temperatures found in many kitchens.

Plus they’re easy to clean – just hand wash and air dry after each use and they will be ready for multiple uses over time!

FAQs about the best wooden spatulas

If you're looking for the best wooden spatula, then you've come to the right place. Here, we have compiled some of the most commonly asked questions about wood spatulas and their usage.

Are wooden spatulas durable?

Yes - quality wooden spatulas are highly durable thanks to their sturdy construction and thick handle design that makes them easy to grip even when wet or greasy. 

However, it's important to take care of your utensils by regularly washing them in warm soapy water after use and air drying them before storing away dry.

What material is good for a spatula?

If you’re looking for a wooden spatula, beech is generally the best material as it’s very durable and can withstand high temperatures without warping. Other good materials include maple, cherry, and bamboo.

How do I clean a wooden spatula?

Cleaning your wooded spatula should be done with gentle dish soap and warm water every time after use; never leave it submerged in standing water because this will cause it swell up resulting in warping over time. 

Make sure any excess food particles are removed from its blades by scraping against another object such as aluminum foil covered plate before cleaning it with soft brushstrokes using sponge soaked in soapy lukewarm water solution followed by wiping dry thoroughly afterwards either using paper towel or soft cloth material available around home like cotton towels etc. 

Lastly, spray light coating oil onto its outer surfaces once properly cleaned would help maintain overall lustrous shine giving longer life span!


In conclusion, best wooden spatulas are a great choice for chefs who are looking for an affordable and long-lasting cooking utensil.

Whether you’re making cookies, pancakes, lasagna or stir-fry, the best wooden spatulas can help you to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

The above five best wood spatulas provide quality performance at great values – be sure to consider them before selecting your next kitchen tool!

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