The 5 Best Meat Slicers for Home Cooking & Deli Meats!

best meat slicer
best meat slicer

Meat slicers are a great tool for any kitchen. They can be used to cut meat into strips for stir-fries or pizzas, or you can use them to slice vegetables for salads and soups. If you want to make homemade sausages, or just want to make your own lunch meats, a meat slicer is an essential purchase.

But what makes one meat slicer better than another? There are so many different models out there that it can be hard to find the right one. In this article, we will be discussing about our top 5 best meat slicer picks. But before that let us know how we choose them!

How we choose the best meat slicers?

Meat slicers can be used for many different tasks: from slicing a roast beef to making thin slices of ham or turkey. They can also be used to cut bread, cheese, tomatoes and other types of food. You can use them in your kitchen or outside on your patio if you have a gas grill.

If you are looking for the best meat slicer, there are some things that you should consider before purchasing one. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best meat slicers!

Size of blade

When you're buying a meat slicer, it's important to consider the size of blade. Bigger isn't always better—it depends on how you'll be using the slicer. A bigger blade is great for heavy-duty use, but it can be difficult to clean.

Smaller blades are easier to clean but may not be able to handle tougher slicing jobs. Most meat slicers feature 12-inch blades, but entry-level models usually have 7-10-inch blades. If you need a more powerful slicer, look for one with a 12-14-inch blade.

There's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to choosing a meat slicer blade—it all depends on your needs. Consider the size of your kitchen and how often you'll be using the slicer before making your final decision.


If you're in the market for the best meat slicer, you'll need to consider the motor. The electric meat slicer's motor determines how quickly and powerfully it cuts, so HP (motor power) is an important metric. Lightweight meat slicers have 1/4-1/3 horsepower.

These are fine for occasional use, such as slicing cheese for a party platter or deli meats for sandwiches at home. 1/3-1/2 horsepower slicers are medium-powered. These are useful for daily meat and cheese cutting. If you'll be using your slicer more often than that - say, 4-6 times per day - you'll want a high-horsepower model with 1/2 HP or more.

Some of these can run all day long, making them ideal for commercial kitchens. Of course, if you only use your meat slicer occasionally, there's no need to spend extra money on a higher-powered machine. A lower-horsepower model will do just fine and save you some money in the process.

Ease of use

When it comes to purchasing the best meat slicer, there are two main types to choose from: automatic and manual. Both have their own distinct advantages that need to be considered before making a decision. Automatic meat slicers are easy to use because you don't have to manually cut the meat. This can be a big time saver, especially if you're slicing large quantities of meat.

Many automatic slicers also feature manual settings for finer control, which can come in handy if you're working with different types of meat. Large-scale operations are generally easier with automatic slicers since they can handle big batches more quickly and efficiently. Manual meat slicers, on the other hand, may require a bit more prep time but are typically more intuitive to use. If you'll only be slicing meat occasionally, a manual slicer should suffice.

They're also great for smaller kitchens where counter space is limited. No matter what type of slicer you choose, be sure to get one with a cleaning leg or kickstand - this will make things much easier when it comes time to clean up. And finally, check the size of the meat tray - larger trays allow for faster cutting while smaller trays will need to be refilled more often.

OSTBA Meat Slicer 200W Electric Deli Food Slicer
OSTBA Meat Slicer 200W Electric Deli Food Slicer

Best Overall

OSTBA Meat Slicer 200W Electric Deli Food Slicer

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Quick Specifications

7.5'' stainless steel serrated blade is sharp enough to cut the frozen meat.

Seamless and removable features make cleaning it a breeze.

The removable ring-guard cover prevents debris buildup on cutting surfaces.

Why we love it?

Meat slicers are one of the most versatile and powerful tools that a home cook can have in their arsenal. With the ability to cut through thick cuts of meat with ease, as well as create thin, evenly sliced pieces for sandwiches or stir-fries, a good meat slicer can be a true workhorse in the kitchen.

The OSTBA Meat Slicer 200W Electric Deli Food Slicer is a great option for those who are looking for an affordable, yet high-quality meat slicer. With 200 watts of power, this slicer can easily handle even the toughest cuts of meat.

Additionally, the adjustable thickness settings allow you to create incredibly thin slices of meat - perfect for making jerky or dehydrated snacks - or thicker slices that are ideal for grilling or roasting.

Whether you're a experienced cook who is looking for a quality meat slicer to add to your collection of kitchen gadgets, or a beginner who is just starting out and looking for an all-in-one slicing solution, the OSTBA Meat Slicer 200W Electric Deli Food Slicer is definitely worth considering.

What should you know?

If you love to cook, then you know how important it is to have a good quality meat slicer. With the OSTBA Meat Slicer 200W Electric Deli Food Slicer, you can get professional results right in your own kitchen.

This meat slicer features a 7.5'' stainless steel serrated blade that is sharp enough to easily cut through frozen meat. The seamless and removable design of the parts makes cleaning a breeze.

The ring-guard cover prevents debris buildup on cutting surfaces and the replaceable blade, food carrier, slide-rod extension, and food pusher enable for complete cleaning.

The non-slip suction cup feet keep the meat slicer stable during working so you can always get consistent results.

Chefman Die-Cast Electric Meat & Deli Slicer
Chefman Die-Cast Electric Meat & Deli Slicer

Best Budget

Chefman Die-Cast Electric Meat & Deli Slicer

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Quick Specifications

Easy to clean

It features a powerful 180-Watt AC motor.

It has 7.5" stainless-steel blade with die-cast aluminum housing.

Why we love it?

If you're looking for a versatile and durable food slicer, the Chefman Die-Cast Electric Meat & Deli Slicer is a great option.

This 9" x 12" deli slicer is equipped with an adjustable thickness dial, so you can customize your slices according to your preference. It also fits most cabinets and countertops, making it convenient to use in any kitchen.

This meat slicer is perfect for weekday lunch prep or crafting gourmet meals. You can use it to easily slice beef jerky, deli sandwiches, charcuterie boards, or even sliced fruit. With its die-cast aluminum construction, this slicer is built to last. And since it's easy to clean and operate, you'll love using it again and again.

What should you know?

When it comes to electric meat and deli slicers, the Chefman Die-Cast Electric Meat & Deli Slicer is a great option to consider.

This slicer is equipped with a 180-watt AC motor and a serrated stainless-steel blade that make slicing easy. It also has an easy-to-clean design and comes with a 7.5" stainless-steel blade with die-cast aluminum housing.

Additionally, the Chefman Die-Cast Electric Meat & Deli Slicer has sturdy non-slip feet and an on/off switch that ensures safe, clean cutting every time. Plus, this slicer is cETL approved for safety and durability.!

BESWOOD 10″ Premium Meat Slicer
BESWOOD 10″ Premium Meat Slicer

Best Premium

BESWOOD 10″ Premium Meat Slicer

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Quick Specifications

Premium Chromium-plated Steel Blade with protection against corrosion.

Double Illuminated ON/OFF Switch.

Also features a non-slip mat for added safety

Why we love it?

Are you looking for an electric food slicer that can offer you the perfect cut every time? If so, then the Beswood 10" Premium Meat Slicer is the ideal option for you!

This electric food slicer features a premium chromium-plated steel blade that is designed to resist corrosion.

Additionally, this blade does not need to be sharpened frequently, making it a convenient option for busy kitchens. For added safety, the Beswood 10" Premium Meat Slicer also features a double illuminated ON/OFF switch.

The Beswood 10" Premium Meat Slicer is perfect for slicing meat, cheese, veggies, ham, and fruit precisely. With its durable construction and easy-to-use design, this electric food slicer is a great addition to any kitchen!

What should you know?

When it comes to electric food slicers, there are a lot of different options on the market. But if you're looking for a high-quality option that will last, the Beswood 10" Premium Meat Slicer is a great choice.

One of the best features of this slicer is that it has a removable product table. This makes it much easier to clean, which is important when you're dealing with food.

Another great feature is the aluminum body with top-mounted, two stones blade sharpener. This ensures that the blade stays sharp and can easily handle even tough cuts of meat and cheese.

The skidproof rubber feet and blade ring guard also add an extra level of safety, which is always important when working with any kind of kitchen appliance. And with a USA standard approval of ETL and NSF, you can be sure that this slicer is built to last.

Chef's Choice 615A Electric Meat Slicer
Chef's Choice 615A Electric Meat Slicer

Best Under $200

Chef's Choice 615A Electric Meat Slicer

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Quick Specifications

It has a 120-watt motor and a smooth gear drive for continuous slicing.

It's lubricated to prevent creaking.

Precision thickness control allows deli-thin to 1-inch slices.

Why we love it?

When it comes to electric meat slicers, the Chef'sChoice 615A is a top-of-the-line option that offers both durability and safety features not found on other models.

The all-metal construction (cast aluminum and stainless steel components) ensures that this slicer can stand up to heavy use, while the high-torque gear-driven motor makes slicing even the toughest meats a breeze.

And for added safety, the food carriage is equipped with a button that locks it in place when not in use - preventing accidental injuries.

What should you know?

This slicer features a 7-inch stainless steel blade that can slice meats from deli-thin to 3/4-inch thick. Plus, with its precision thickness control, you can create perfect deli-thin to 1-inch slices every time.

So why choose the Chef'sChoice 615A over other meat slicers on the market? For starters, it has a powerful 120-watt motor that makes slicing through even the toughest meats a breeze.

Plus, its smooth gear drive ensures continuous slicing without any pesky jams. And if you're worried about cutting yourself, rest assured knowing that this slicer comes with a serrated blade that cuts effectively while also being safe to use.

Finally, the lubricated gears prevent creaking and extend the life of your slicer. If you're looking for an affordable and easy-to-use meat slicer, then don't hesitate to pick up the Chef'sChoice 615A Electric Meat Slicer today!

Befen Manual Meat Slicer
Befen Manual Meat Slicer

Best Manual

Befen Manual Meat Slicer

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Quick Specifications

You can save money on buying pre-sliced food.

It features 1.5mm thick stainless steel board.

It comes with enhanced stainless steel.

Why we love it?

Manual meat slicers are a thing of the past, but they are still a necessary kitchen appliance in some homes. The Befen Manual Frozen Meat Slicer is one of the best on the market, and for good reason.

This 1.5 mm thick slicer is 2 times thicker than others on the market, making it ideal for thinly slicing frozen beef, lamb, chicken, ham, and fish. Not to mention, pre-sliced food always costs less than buying whole cuts of meat.

Plus, the high-quality stainless steel construction can withstand a lot of pressure without breaking or bending.

What should you know?

When it comes to food preparation, time is often of the essence. This is especially true if you are prepping for an event or large gathering.

And while electric meat slicers can certainly get the job done quickly, they are not always the most convenient option – especially if you're working with a smaller space. That's where the Befen Manual Frozen Meat Slicer comes in handy.

This manual slicer is easy to clean and can be used for a long time when maintained properly. Unlike an electric slicer, you can make hundreds of slices in a few minutes – saving you valuable time in the kitchen.

Plus, you can easily adjust the thickness of each slice, which is great for customizing your dishes. Just be careful handling the blade – it's extremely sharp!

FAQs about the best meat slicers

We know how important it is to have a good meat slicer. You want one that's durable, reliable, easy to clean, and powerful enough to slice your meat with ease. That's why we've compiled this list of FAQs about the best meat slicers on the market today.

What is a good wattage for a meat slicer?

If all you want to do is chop meats, cheeses, and vegetables, a basic home slicer with a blade that is between 7 and 8 inches long and a motor that is between 120 and 200 watts should be enough. For devices that are used in business and have a blade that is nine to twelve inches long, a motor with 320–420 watts of power is a must.

How often do meat slicers need to be cleaned?

From a food safety perspective, it is important to clean your meat slicer regularly. At a minimum, the slicer should be cleaned after each use. However, depending on how often the slicer is used, it may need to be cleaned more often.

If you are using the slicer daily or multiple times per day, you will need to clean it at the end of each day. This includes taking apart the blade and sanitizing all parts of the slicer. If you are only using the slicer once per week or less, you can do a thorough cleaning at the end of each week.

Can you use frozen meat on a meat slicer?

If you've ever wondered whether you can use frozen meat on a meat slicer, the answer is yes! However, there are a few things to keep in mind when doing so.

First, it's important to make sure that the frozen meat is properly thawed before slicing. Otherwise, it may be difficult to slice evenly. To thaw the meat, simply place it in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight.

Once the meat is thawed, it's important to slice it quickly and efficiently. Frozen meat can start to deteriorate quickly once it's thawed, so you want to avoid over-handling it. If possible, try to slice the meat while it's still slightly frozen - this will help keep everything uniform and prevent any slipping or sliding of the slices.


In conclusion, we hope that this article has been helpful to you. There are some great meat slicers out there, and we've tried to cover as many as we could. If you're looking for a new one, we hope this list helped you narrow down your options, and that you find the perfect one for your needs!

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