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Features & Benefits

The TECHVIO Drone for Kids offers an array of impressive features that make it the best drone under 200 for your children. This drone comes with a 5 in 1 DIY Drone Build Kit, combining the fun of building and the excitement of flying, to inspire the young ones to delve deeper into the world of drones, enhancing their creativity and understanding of STEM concepts.

With its easy control system, controlling the drone's flight is a seamless experience, even for beginners. Features like Altitude Hold and Headless Mode ensure the drone maintains a stable flight, whereas the One Key Take-off/Land feature adds a level of convenience, especially for the younger pilots. The drone also comes equipped with a Low Power Warning and an Emergency Stop function, ensuring a safe and worry-free flight time.

But that's not all—the TECHVIO Drone for Kids is not just about basic flying. With 3D flip and 3 Speed Modes, your kids can put on an aerial acrobatic show, performing stunts, and controlling the drone's speed according to their skill levels.

The drone is built with quality, non-toxic ABS plastic and is designed to be safe with 4-sided propeller guards. These guards protect your children from spinning propellers and shield the drone from damage, making this drone a reliable and safe choice for your kids.

This high-quality, easy-to-use, and safe drone under 200 is the perfect gift for birthdays, Children's Day, or Christmas. Watch as your kids love building and get their TECHVIO drone to fly! So, why wait? Allow your kids to embark on an exciting journey of flying with the TECHVIO Drone for Kids today!


Despite the many advantages of the TECHVIO Drone for Kids, there are a few downsides that need consideration. The flight time of the drone is rather short due to the limitations of the battery. It offers a few minutes of action-packed flying, after which a considerable amount of time is needed for recharging the battery.

While the drone comes with an easy control system, it lacks advanced control features like GPS and a dedicated controller, which could have enhanced the user experience. The drone's range is also somewhat limited, which might restrict the flying area for the kids.

Another point of concern could be the absence of a camera. While the focus of this drone is more on the fun of flying and less on capturing aerial footage, the inclusion of a camera could have broadened the possibilities for the kids to explore and learn.

Finally, the resolution quality of the drone's design might not meet everyone's expectation. Although made of safe and non-toxic ABS plastic, the drone's overall build quality might not be as robust as other drones from brands like Holy Stone or Tello. All in all, while the TECHVIO Drone for Kids is a great starter drone, it may not satisfy the more advanced drone enthusiasts.

Pricing & Availability

For all the exciting features and benefits that the TECHVIO Drone for Kids offers, you might be thinking it would cost a fortune. But, the great news is that this tested and reliable drone is available at an unbeatable price that's under 200! Yes, you heard it right, you can get this amazing drone for such an affordable price, making it a fantastic value for money investment.

What's even more exciting is that this drone under 200 is available on Amazon Prime. This means not only can you take advantage of the fast and free shipping that Amazon Prime offers, but you're also buying from a platform you trust. So, why wait to give your kids a gift they'll love and learn from? Take flight into the world of drones with the TECHVIO Drone for Kids now!

Comparing TECHVIO with Top Competitors

When it comes to the best drones under 200, there are a few competitors that give TECHVIO a run for its money, such as the Holy Stone and Tello drones. Each of these drones has its unique features and qualities, making them great options for children.

The Holy Stone drone is a brand synonymous with reliability and quality in the drone industry. It features a high-resolution camera, offering a broader range of exploration and learning opportunities for kids interested in photography and cinematography. Moreover, it offers a longer flight time compared to the TECHVIO drone, thanks to its powerful battery. However, Holy Stone drones lack the DIY build kit feature, which makes the TECHVIO drone a more engaging and interactive choice for kids who love to build things.

On the other hand, Tello drones stand out for their advanced control features, including a GPS system. These features can provide a superior flying experience and precise control, especially appealing to more advanced drone enthusiasts. However, these drones are more complicated to fly, making them less suitable for beginners compared to the user-friendly TECHVIO drone. Furthermore, Tello drones do not come with the fun 3D flip stunts feature offered by the TECHVIO drone.

Customer Experiences

Customers of the TECHVIO Drone for Kids have expressed their satisfaction with the product. Parents and guardians find the drone to be a great tool to introduce their kids to the complex world of drones in a simple, fun, and safe way. Most customers acknowledge the easy control features, which make this drone a hit among the beginners. They were particularly impressed with the drone's ability to perform 3D flip stunts, a feature which many found exhilarating and engaging for all skill levels.

Kids seem to love the DIY Drone Build Kit. Constructing their own flying machine provides them with a sense of achievement and fuels their creativity. The kit, according to the parents, has been a fantastic way for their children to learn about the practical applications of STEM concepts, particularly engineering and aerodynamics.

However, a few customers have pointed out the limited flight time and the absence of a camera as drawbacks. These features, they feel, could have extended the playtime and added an extra layer of excitement for the kids, giving them a chance to capture their adventures from a bird's eye view.

Despite these minor shortcomings, the TECHVIO Drone for Kids has garnered commendation for its quality, safety features, and its affordability. Many customers consider it a great value for money, especially given the drone's reliable build quality and the fun and learning it offers for kids. Overall, the product's easy controls, fun flight modes, and the racing thrill it offers make it a popular choice among customers looking for a safe, affordable, and quality drone under 200 for their kids.

Take the Leap

What are you waiting for? The TECHVIO Drone for Kids is the perfect blend of fun, learning, and affordability. It's not just a drone, but a gateway to a world of creativity, STEM learning, and high-flying adventures that your kids will definitely love. This easy to control, safe, and reliable drone under 200 is just a click away. Tap the button at the top of the page to land this fantastic gift for your young ones on Amazon. It's time to fly high with TECHVIO!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the flight time of the TECHVIO Drone for Kids?

The TECHVIO Drone for Kids is designed to provide a fun and engaging flying experience. However, due to battery limitations, the drone's flight time is only a few minutes. It requires a considerable amount of time for recharging the battery. But remember, good things come in small packages, and those few minutes are full of adrenaline-packed action and learning!

Does the TECHVIO Drone for Kids feature a camera?

No, the TECHVIO Drone for Kids does not come with a camera. The primary focus of this drone is to introduce kids to the joy of flying and the basic concepts of drones, rather than capturing aerial footage. However, the absence of a camera does not diminish the fun and thrill your child can experience while flying this drone, performing 3D flips, drone racing, and controlling its flight patterns.

How easy is it to control the TECHVIO Drone for Kids?

The TECHVIO Drone for Kids is equipped with several features that make it easy to fly for both kids and beginners. Features like Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, One Key Take-off/Land, Low Power Warning, and Emergency Stop functions ensure a safe and worry-free flight time, even for those with no previous drone flying experience. This drone is an excellent choice for beginners to learn and understand the basics of drone controls.

What material is the TECHVIO Drone for Kids made of? Is it safe for my child?

The TECHVIO Drone for Kids is made of high-quality, non-toxic ABS plastic, ensuring safety for your child. The drone is also equipped with four-sided propeller guards, protecting your kids from spinning propellers and the drone itself from any potential damage. Safety is our top priority, and this drone is designed with that in mind.

What is the 5 in 1 DIY Drone Build Kit?

The 5 in 1 DIY Drone Build Kit is an exciting part of the TECHVIO Drone for Kids. It includes 159 easy-build pieces, allowing your child to build their own drones in different styles and colors. This DIY aspect not only adds to the fun but also boosts your child's creativity and understanding of STEM concepts. It's a remarkable way to integrate learning and play!

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