Keep Your Baking Supplies Fresh in the Kitchen With The 5 Best Cooling Racks

Best Cooling Racks
Best Cooling Racks

Cooling racks are an essential part of any baker's kitchen arsenal – whether you’re a professional pastry chef or just learning how to bake muffins from scratch.

For those of you who don't know, cooling racks allow air circulation underneath while keeping your hot pastries lifted off of counter-tops and other surfaces so they cool more quickly.

To help narrow down your search, we've created this guide to introduce you to our top 5 picks for cooling racks. Read on and find out why each one made our list!

How we choose the best cooling racks?

Choosing the best cooling rack for your kitchen can be a difficult decision, with so many options on the market.

Cooling racks come in all shapes and sizes, materials, designs and price points – making it hard to choose between them. Before selecting a cooling rack, there are several factors to consider so that you don't regret it later down the road.

Let's take a closer look at these important considerations when selecting the best cooling rack for your needs!


It is important to consider the material of cooling racks before buying, as this can have a significant impact on how well they perform their job.

Stainless steel cooling racks offer an ideal combination of strength and durability that is highly resistant to rust, corrosion, staining and warping under high temperatures. Nonstick varieties are an excellent choice for delicate items such as cookies or cupcakes that might otherwise stick when cooled directly on a metal surface. Additionally, silicone-coated wires provide superior heat resistance for longer baking sessions or for use in higher temperatures.

Aluminum cooling racks should be avoided because although lighter-weight than stainless steel models, aluminum may warp if exposed to too much heat or become prone to developing crusty buildup after time. Wire gauges should also be taken into account – thinner wire will rust more easily over time with exposure to liquids whereas thicker round wire provides greater stability against warping even at high temperatures.

Plastic cooling racks are lightweight, durable and generally inexpensive compared to metal options – plus they’re often brightly colored which adds flair to any kitchen space! Plastic isn't as conductive as metal so there may be some hot spots where food cooks unevenly - however this isn't much of an issue when cooking cakes or cookies since these recipes are forgiving with minor variations in heat conducting ability between different surfaces.


When shopping for cooling racks, it is important to take into consideration the size of the rack you need. The wrong size could hinder both performance and storage ability.

Rack sizes are usually measured by the number of slots available on each side of the frame. A large rack would have more slots, allowing more air circulation around each item being cooled, thus resulting in faster cooling times compared to those with fewer slots.

Furthermore, since most cooling racks come with removable grids that slip into place within the frame itself, you want a rack that provides adequate space between each grid so as not allow your cookies or cakes stick together when baking multiple batches at once.

Having too small a frame can therefore lead to poor results due tot he lack of sufficient spacing between grids while using bigger frames will provide ample airflow regardless if single or multiple trays are being cooled down simultaneously.

Grid size

When shopping for a cooling rack, it is important to consider grid size - the space between each slat or rung on the rack. The grid size will affect how much air can circulate around your food and how evenly cooled items will be across the entire surface area of the cooling rack.

Smaller grids provide more even heat dissipation but may not support heavy loads as well; larger grids allow more airflow but do not distribute heat as evenly.

It's important to choose a grid size appropriate to the type of item you want to cool – thinner foods like cookies should use small grid sizes while thicker items such as cakes should use larger-sized ones.


Price is definitely a factor worth considering. A relatively cheap rack may end up breaking over time due to poor quality materials and construction, leading you to have to replace it sooner than expected. On the other hand, spending more money on a sturdier cooling rack could save you from having to buy another one in the near future.

Additionally, pricier models tend to offer better coverage and air circulation for your food items so that they cool down faster and evenly when baking pies or cakes.

In short, there are certain benefits associated with investing a bit more money into a higher-quality cooling rack that can aid your kitchen needs and potentially save you from needing replacements down the line.

Checkered Chef Cooling Rack
Checkered Chef Cooling Rack

Best Overall

Checkered Chef Cooling Rack

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Quick Specifications

It has a solid stainless steel construction of wire rack set.

This oven rack set will fit in most standard ovens and cookware sheets.

It includes a nicely spaced grid pattern for airflow without debris.

Why we love it?

Checkered Chef Cooling Rack is the perfect addition to your baking supplies whether you're a professional chef or just an avid home baker.

It offers heavyweight steel construction and is made from high-quality carbon steel for maximum durability. The material used here is also non-toxic and non-odor, making it safe to use around food products.

The Checkered Chef Cooling Rack features a sturdy design that ensures even heat distribution while cooling your baked goods so they can be enjoyed by family and friends.

Whether you're making bread, cake, cupcake, muffin or other pastries, this cooling rack will help them turn out perfectly every time - crunchy on the outside but fluffy on the inside! Its grid pattern makes sure all your treats get adequate airflow which allows them cool down quickly without any fuss.

What should you know?

Checkered Chef Cooling Rack is a great kitchen tool for all types of cooks! It's made of top grade ceramic, and the stain-resistant surface won't warp in high temperatures, meaning you can use it comfortably up to 446°F.

This makes it great for roasting meat or broiling vegetables - no more worrying about hot spots!

Plus, since maintaining your cooling rack is easy thanks to its hand washable design, this superior cookware won’t ever leave you cleaning out your dishwasher after each use.

The Checkered Chef Cooling Rack is ideal for baking anything with confidence – from delicate pastries to savory entrees – enjoy the delicious meals you make without worry!

Geesta Cooling Rack
Geesta Cooling Rack

Best Collapsible

Geesta Cooling Rack

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Quick Specifications

It features a sturdy construction with a collapsible & adjustable design. 

Four stackable levels chill lots of food in a small space.

Each tiers measures 17.12 x 9.84 inches and has a non-stick coating for easy release. 

Why we love it?

The Geesta Cooling Rack is great for any kitchen! It has a sturdy and secure construction that allows it to be both collapsible and adjustable as needed. This makes the cooling rack more space-saving when you're not using it, but still gives you plenty of room to work with when baking.

The four tier design also works well - each level measures 17.12 x 9.84 inches, so there's enough room for even large pies or cakes on the bigger tiers without making everything cramped.

Plus, it all has a nonstick coating which helps to keep food from sticking and makes cleanup easy too!

What should you know?

The Geesta Cooling Rack is a must-have item for those who take baking and cooking seriously. This cooling rack is the perfect invention that has been developed by the innovative design brand called Geesta specializing in products related to the cooking and baking industry.

The cooling rack stands tall at 18.5 inches when folded up but it also allows you to adjust its height as per your requirement ensuring minimal utilize areas of your kitchen counter or shelves, saving both time and energy.

The heavy-gauge material used in making this cooling rack ensures that the heat distributes evenly while preventing warping under extremely high temperatures making it ideal for all kinds of brittle food, like pies, muffins, cakes etc. This four tier architecture ensures that even large bake items occupy minimal space on this tool without compromising on their quality whatsoever.

Nifty Cooling Rack
Nifty Cooling Rack

Best Multi-purpose

Nifty Cooling Rack

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Quick Specifications

It is a 3-in-1 baking cooling rack.

Non-stick chrome plated mesh wire design.

It is dishwasher safe.

Why we love it?

The Nifty Cooling Rack is a must-have kitchen accessory for all baking enthusiasts! This versatile item offers three different racks in one - perfect for when countertop space is limited or smaller jobs need to be done. It can easily slide back and forth, so it will fit perfectly into drawers and cabinets when not in use.

Made of high quality stainless steel wire mesh, the cooling rack has reinforced vertical bars that are strong enough to hold heavier items like cakes and pies without bending or sagging.

The non-stick coating makes sure everything slides out easily from cookies to the tiniest candies. This great little tool also allows air flow through its open grid design which helps heat escape quickly – your treats won't take too long to cool down!

What should you know?

The Nifty Cooling Rack is the perfect kitchen tool for anyone looking to get organized. It comes with three separate racks so you can use them as one item or three independent units based on your needs. Plus, they are designed to fit any size cake pans, pies, candies and cookies so that whatever culinary creation you’re making will be cooled off in the best way possible.

When space is tight in your kitchen, simply slide all of the cooling racks together into a single unit for convenient storage in drawers and cabinets. Pull them out when needed but keep them contained until then so messes stay at bay! This design also allows you to easily move back and forth between sizes if necessary without having to rearrange everything from scratch each time.

Hamilton Cooling Rack
Hamilton Cooling Rack

Best Budget

Hamilton Cooling Rack

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Quick Specifications

It is made up of 100% grade 304 stainless steel.

It has a tight 3/8” wire grid pattern.

It folds flat for a perfect fit into a 13” x 18” half sheet baking pan.

Why we love it?

Hamilton Cooling Rack is the perfect kitchen accessory for any baker. This heavy duty rack is made of 100% Grade 304 stainless steel and has no coatings that leech into your food, ensuring a healthier and safer cooking experience. Its tightly spaced wire grid ensures even cooling of baked goods while its robust structure can handle being stacked high with ease. Each purchase includes one sturdy Hamilton Cooling Rack which makes it the ideal choice for home bakers or those who bake in bulk.

The rack is also oven safe up to 500°F and dishwasher friendly so you don't have to worry about additional cleaning time after baking – just throw it in the dishwasher for easy cleanup. Plus, its sleek design looks great on your countertop or shelf when not in use! Whether you're an experienced baker looking for a reliable cooling rack or someone new to baking, this Hamilton Cooling Rack will make life simpler as you create delicious treats from scratch.

What should you know?

A Hamilton cooling rack is the perfect addition to any baker’s kitchen. It can easily fit into a 13” x 18” Half Sheet baking pan, and its clever folding design allows it to be stored away when not in use. The tight 3/8” wire grid pattern ensures that nothing falls through- so your baked goods don't end up all over the floor!

Additionally, the enhanced rack height of this rack provides plenty of space for your baked treats.

Not only does this sleek black steel rack look great on any kitchen counter-top, but it also comes with safety features such as rounded edges and feet which prevent scratches on surfaces. Plus, because this product has been made out of durable materials you won't have to worry about rust or corrosion over time.

Tebery Cooling Rack
Tebery Cooling Rack

Best Stainless Steel

Tebery Cooling Rack

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Quick Specifications

Stackable 3 racks set.

No harmful coatings or cheap chrome plating that can flake into your meal.

Heavy-duty stainless steel wire structure holds heavier meals without buckling.

Why we love it?

The Tebery Cooling Rack is the perfect addition to any kitchen. With its solid stainless steel construction, you can rest assured that it will last for years and be safe for oven use without worry of artificial coatings.

The grid pattern allows hot air to flow through and cool your freshly baked goods more quickly, plus the stackable design helps save space in your kitchen cupboards.

Plus, with its smooth edges there are no rough spots which makes releasing food easier than ever. All these features make this cooling rack a must-have for any baker or chef looking for quality bakeware.

What should you know?

The Tebery Cooling Rack is a great tool to have in the kitchen. Its sturdy and stable feet keep pastries raised safely above the counter, allowing air to circulate underneath them for proper cooling.

This rack is also made from high-quality stainless steel, with no harmful coatings or cheap chrome plating that can wear off or flake into food - making sure your baking creations are non-toxic and food safe!

The nice large size of this rack makes it perfect for cooling cakes, cookies and bread. You’ll never run out of space on this all-purpose rack!

The attention to detail on this piece means you won't have any warping over time due to heat levels during baking too – so you know your baked goodies will always be cooled down correctly.

FAQs about the best cooling racks

Are you in search of the best cooling racks to keep your freshly-baked cakes and cookies cool? Do you want to make sure that you choose one that is not only wonderfully designed but also has features like ample space, sturdy construction and easy storage too? Then look no further!

In this blog section we will be going through some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) when it comes to choosing the right cooling rack for all your baking needs.

Are cooling racks worth it?

The answer is yes! Cooling racks can be beneficial in several ways. They allow more airflow than traditional baking trays so that your items cool faster and evenly. This helps prevent sogginess or dry spots on your finished bakes while also hastening the process of cooling them completely before handling or storing them away safely.

How many cooling racks do I need?

The number of cooling racks you need depends on your baking needs. If all you plan on making is cookies then one rack is probably enough; however, if you plan on baking multiple items at once, then it would be best to have several racks so the different items can properly cool down separately. Additionally, if you often make large batches of food, such as cupcakes or muffins for a party or event, more than one rack will help speed up the process by allowing more space to spread them out as they cool.

Can I cook on a cooling rack?

Cooking on a cooling rack is definitely possible! Cooling racks are typically made from metal, so they can handle the heat from an oven without melting or becoming damaged. You can use them to bake items such as cookies and biscuits, or even cook savory dishes like fish and vegetables. Make sure that you place your cooling rack inside of a baking sheet or pan to ensure that any drips or spills do not make their way onto the bottom of your oven. Enjoy your perfectly cooked meals with added ventilation thanks to cooking on a cooling rack!


In conclusion, the above-mentioned cooling racks are all excellent options to consider when looking for a way to keep your baked goods fresh.

From stainless steel models that can handle heavier cakes and pies to affordable non-stick ones, there’s something out there that’s perfect for any baker’s needs.

Plus, most of them are easy on the eyes too! No matter which model you choose, make sure to invest in one of these top 5 best cooling racks for the kitchen today so you can ensure your desserts come out perfectly!

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